ACFA provides Mali's vulnerable children a safe and loving environment which fosters their health, learning, happiness, and success

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to complete Zorokoro phase 1 and triple the number of supported children

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Who We Are

Who We Are

The founder was born and raised in the Republic of Mali in West Africa, where she experienced first hand what it feels like being an orph...

What We Do

What We Do

Programs such as safe shelter, nutritious meals, health care and education are designed to allow us to accomplish our Mission ...

How To Help

How To Help

You can make an immediate impact by financially contributing to ACFA's programs such as providing nutritious meals, health care, shelter ...

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"We believe that education is the single link that will break the chain of poverty."

- Kadiatou Sidibe, ACFA Founder

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Buy the T-shirts and the full proceed goes to support ACFA-Mali's children.

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